key pouch #02 two-sided pick flower

>> Jul 1, 2010

第一个作品照惯例 --- 失败了~~~ xD
Crazy of sewing key pouch recently.
As usual, my 1st creation failed. Ha ha.

后来不甘心,卯起来做了三个不同风格的 ^_^v
After that i didn't give up and  desperately made 3 of them, all with different style.

第 一个送了给我老公的姐姐 ,咖啡色拼布风 配上 粉红里布,
表面缝上了圆形小狗图案徽章和米色ribbon(可是我忘了拍照 =.=")
I've gifted the 1st succeed key pouch to my husband's sister. I used imitate brown patch fabric for the surface, match with pink interior. There is a round badge embroiled with puppy face. (too bad i didn't manage to take photo before it was taken away =.=" )

under the sun

后来绣上了枝叶就截然不同,还不错 =)
To be honor, i do not really confident in the outcome before completion (especially the flowers)
I learn this from the craft book that i just bought.
Thanks god it looks quite well after adding the leave and stem =)

 和第一个失败品合照 =P
Comparison between the failed and the completion =P

Added my own label ^__^


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