Fun with Fabric #1 Tissue cover 布玩意#1 面纸包

>> Jun 17, 2010

在 我陷入娃娃屋瓶颈(不会装相框 =_=") 的三个星期里,我又把全副心思放在别的玩意儿上。。
这段日子里,我疯狂采购布料/ribbon/针线 等缝纫用具(旧的都在年头结婚搬家时丢光光了。当时以为我是再也不会碰这些手艺了。现在超级郁闷+后悔。想念我的颜色纸+花布+绣线 -ing)
I put all my effort on other stuffs when i met bottleneck in constructing my miniature (i can't get the frame done!! arghh)
Spent lots of money in searching / purchasing  fabrics + ribbons + sewing tools. (I threw all of my old stuff when i getting married early this year. Never know that i will be getting back to crafts after all of these time. I am super frustrated & regret on throwing them.)

第 一个失败的作品,是这个小了一号的tissue cover
1st trial. End up with failure. It is too mini since i didn't take the thickness of tissue papers into consideration. It can only fit in 2-3 sheets.

Japanese style blue floret for exterior, white base blue flower fabric for internal.


这次尺寸对了,还加上了自己做的小花钮。 V(^o^)V
粉 红色花布,背景有白色蕾丝花纹。
Can't accept the failure and i continued on the second one.
Get the size right, and added a flower button that i made. (So proud of it. whaha)



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